Rachel Scobie

Executive Director

Rachel Scobie was raised in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, where she spent her days making home movies and drawing cartoons with her 5 older siblings.

After graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in Art History and Italian Studies she studied photography at the New England School of Photography. It was during this time that Rachel had her first experiences as a caregiver for children, while nannying for one of her nephews. Rachel made her way to New York City, where she worked in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi and J. Walter Thompson. After 5 years in advertising Rachel made the decision to follow her heart and get her MS in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College, where she received an award for excellence in student teaching.

Rachel is delighted to be at WNNS as the Interim Director for the 2015-2016 school year! This is her eighth year at WNNS, having been a Head Teacher for the 2s since 2008. Rachel is proud to work at a school whose philosophy is firmly founded on the tenets of progressive education.

Rachel lives in Sunnyside, Queens with her husband James and their adorable cat, Reggie. In her spare time Rachel enjoys going to the movies, camping, eating everything, and spending time with her family.

Bryce Linthicum

Education Director & Support Services Coordinator

Bryce moved to New York City 11 years ago, having spent her childhood exploring and surrounded by the natural beauty of rural western Connecticut. She attended Hunter College here in NYC, where she earned a B.A. in Psychology in 2008, and then a M.S. in both Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education (Birth – Grade 2) in 2013. After spending 7 years as a 2’s teacher at WNNS, Bryce was thrilled to take on the role of Education Director. 

Bryce possesses a strong passion and love for working with young children, always striving to create a calm (yet fun!), nurturing, safe, and engaging environment in which children can grow, explore, and feel comfortable expressing themselves. Considering herself a lifelong learner, she is inspired by the lessons that children teach her with all that they say and do every single day! Although this role takes Bryce out of the classroom, she continues to engage in “Friday Visits” with students, utilizing her background in Special Education to provide extra support through small group skill development.

Bryce lives in Queens with her husband and their cat, Norman. In her free moments Bryce enjoys curling up with a good book, visiting with her family, and doing her best to 'stop and smell the roses' in the midst of this big, fast-paced city.

Alida Burry

Collaborative Education Director

 Alida Burry grew up in Western Massachusetts and moved to Brooklyn in 2007, after graduating from the University of Vermont with degrees in Anthropology and Spanish. Her experience as an educator began in Vermont, where she worked in a preschool for refugee children. From here, Alida continued to explore education, working as an English teacher in Argentina, a gardening educator in the suburbs outside for Buenos Aires, and a children's garden instructor at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Alida joined the WNNS family in 2008 and completed her Masters Degree in early childhood development at Hunter College in 2013. 

Alida brings to the classroom a great appreciation for all living things, an open mind, and an appetite for good books. Her students are a constant source of inspiration, and in the classroom, Alida loves guiding spirited group discussions, exploring, laughing, and singing alongside her students. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys long walks in the woods, eating heartily, and watching things grow.


The teachers at The Williamsburg Neighborhood Nursery School are an extremely dedicated, passionate, warm, caring, and well-qualified group of educators. They are committed to bringing patience, joy, curiosity, and warmth to the process of learning each and every day, and take great pleasure in being able to watch their students gain life skills and a love for learning that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. They are additionally extremely attentive to the importance of bridging the gap between home and school, communicating plentifully with parents about each child's developments, successes, and any concerns that may arise over the course of the school year. Considering an open, supportive, and trusting relationship between parents and teachers as a partnership that can greatly enhance a child's school experiences and their growth and development, in general, WNNS teachers are always available to meet with parents face-to-face, communicate via email, or to schedule a phone chat, as needed.

All of our teachers possess a strong passion for early childhood education, with all Lead Teachers holding Master's Degrees in Early Childhood Education, and all Assistant Teachers holding a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in an area related to education. With many of our teachers having attended Bank Street School of Education or Hunter College's early education undergraduate and graduate programs, our teachers have taken their own diverse educational experiences and translated them to methods and approaches that fit into WNNS' progressive philosophy. 

To find out more about our wonderful teachers, please select a class below!

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Our school is made up of not only wonderful children, but also amazing parents. We welcome parent involvement and strive to provide not only educational, but also community-building opportunities for current parents. Each year, WNNS enlists the help of parents to help make our school fundraising events wildly successful, to maintain and beatify our space, and to reach out into the community.

Parent Committees: 

Parent committees are a vital part of WNNS, and through them parents have the opportunity to get involved with many projects that support the development of our school, from fundraising to community outreach to gardening. We encourage all parents to participate, and welcome all of their contributions!

Parent Workshops:

We offer a variety of evening educational workshops and events to parents in the WNNS community throughout the school year. Past events have included the following:

  • Ongoing Schools Night
  • Challenging Behaviors Workshop
  • Group Meditation and Parent Support Group
  • Q & A with a local Child Psychologist

Open Classrooms:

In the spring, after children have become comfortable and confident at school without their grown-ups present, we invite parents to spend the morning in his/her child's classroom. This opportunity provides parents with an excellent view into their child's day, the materials she/he uses at school, the children with whom they spend time, and the ways in which teachers interact with children during the day. We always look forward to this time of year and thoroughly enjoy giving parents a peek into what goes on while they're away!


Board of Directors

WNNS' Board of Directors is composed of alumni parents who are passionate about the direction of the school and who provide input on all major educational and operational decisions.

Bob Beswick

Rachel Kaplan

Linda Pellagrini

Andrea Lerner

Susanne Dahlhaus

Martina Salisbury